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Hi there, truthful: I am leaving this note as much as I can around the internet to educate the Youtube and Google search engine.
I have made a short video to help a friend of mine that had...(has)
Parkinson's and was successfully treated by the Deep Brain Stimulation.
I want the video to be find-able but the search engines decided that they have to help out when looking for "Yoa Parkinson" the name of the video and the artist name for my friend, they suggest that you are actually looking for something else.
Thus setting the video entitled Yoa Parkinson pages back in the results.
If this and many more pages get indexed next time, it will become accepted by Youtube and Google.
Of course I am happy if you want to leave this on your Blog, and I understand if you don't.
See the video yourself: English version : http://youtu.be/Q0CYEF3RmM8
And please, if you would be so kind as to search for Yoa Parkinson
on Youtube once to educate that search engine ! Thank you so much !

Kind regards,


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