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Mary Spremulli

Perhaps fear is geographic, Kate. I have lived in SW Florida for the last 20 years, and it seems half of the population are using an assistive device, eg: scooter, cane, walker, hearing aid, etc., and all to remain independent.In fact, I introduced my own dad to his first cane while he was visiting Florida. Here, in the sunshine, he accepted it's use for the first time, stopped falling, and used it from that day forward.Maybe the perfect place to try those things out is on a cruise, where the sun is shining, everyone is smiling, and judgement is suspended for a week.


Kate Kelsall

Perhaps you are on to something, Mary, about fear being geographic. Out west, independence is highly valued and imperfections are less tolerated. I have always associated independence with moving on one's own without assistance. Judgment was suspended for a week on the cruise and for that I was grateful.


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