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Kristie Jonsen


Over the past few years, I have come across your website, and I have found the information to be very helpful. It's nice to know the symptoms I experience are shared by others, and "normal." I started writing a gratitude blog about my everyday life in So Cal, and I have started including a little bit about PD. I'd like people to see the faces behind the disease. At 40 (now I'm 43) and always really active, PD was the last thing I ever considered having. I was hoping it was hormones, since my symptoms are worse during certain times of the month.

Anyway, I thought I could get through this disease without the help and support of other patients. I was wrong. I've linked up with Patrick at "Move to Live" and I'll attach your site to mine as well. I focus on the positive, and try not to complain, but Geez, it's certainly difficult at times. I attended the MJFF Research Round Table in Beverly Hills a couple months ago, and I do donate to his charity. I am hoping to get involved so we can shed more light on this disease -- and of course, the young onset part, which is shocking to most people.

Thank you for the information you have unknowingly shared with me during one of the most pivotal times in my life.

Life is good!


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