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Carolyn Zeiger

Thank you, Kate, for always taking on the difficult topics, even when they "aren't dinner table conversation."

When my husband was diagnosed with PD, the first thing my cousin, the board certified MD gerontologist, told him was that constipation is a problem for everyone with PD, and can become a serious medical condition if you don't deal with it.

Typically, PD is referred to as a movement disorder. Recently, however, neurologists are talking more about autonomic nervous system symptoms like the sudden onset of constipation, being the first signs of PD.

What's more, for some people, these symptoms can be more problematic than the movement disorder. So it is important to learn what they are and how to deal with them.

Thinking of the children's book Everybody Poops, the PD person's version must be Everybody Poops--but me.

Carolyn Allen Zeiger, Ph.D.

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