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Hi Kate:
Thanks for sharing the inspirational story this time of year! It gave me more motivation to pick up some lost past times that I really enjoyed again - even if I have a few stumbles in my path. ~Meg

Kate Kelsall

Hi Meg,

Thanks for yoru comment. Those of us forging our way on our PD and CP paths really inspire me.

Let's change our old hobbies and interests into new ones in 2008.



As I sit here at 3:11am at my brother's house in Savannah and reflect on the day, I find comfort in knowing that my family will always be straight up and honest with me. They will encourage and offer advice. Not once will they try to sway you one way or the other. You don't find that in a lot of families today. You are probably wondering why I am writing about this issue. I'm not quite sure I do really. But let me write my thoughts. Bare with me. You see, I consider myself a spiritual person but not versed well enough to preach to the gospel. I've always believed in Jesus Christ "Just Baecause" and I've always known I would be given an opportunity to touch the lives of many people. I just didn't know how. I figured I would play pro baseball, or be the local Mayor, or go to seminary and become of minister. Travel the world, so to speak. The reality is something completely different. I went to college, got a job, met my beautiful and supportive wife, Kristin, became a dad shortly thereafter. We had our ups and downs, the roller coaster ride so to speak, but we always (well atleast most of the time) remained positive. Kept our chin up. My company transfered us away to my current location and within 6 months I was a member of YOPD community. I have met soem great people along the way. Some with PD and some without. Heck, I've met people with far more problems than me. I have to find my calling in this grand scheme of things. My problem is when do you know it is being shoved in front of you. I'm beginning to get a feeling of that calling now. I have corresponded with people across this vast global community, building what I feel is a strong kinship. Yes, we are different in most ways, but we are one body. I think scripture says something about The Church being represented by ALL of his chidren across this planet. All races and cultures. I think it says something about reaching out to those who are trying to find there way and get them back on track. That is where I find myself at this very moment. A crossroads. Do I take that Leap of Faith into the unknown or do I sit back and see what happens. Well I choose Faith. I don't know where God is taking me but I will put my trust in him and let him drive me to where he wants to go. Come and join me, won't you?

Keep the Faith

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