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Paul Zeiger

Kate and Gayle pretty well nailed it; just a few more footnotes:
1. Re Looking Good: Yes, sometimes we have a success in our symptom management, and it is good to hear about it --especially since we may not have noticed.
2. Re courage: As with all other challenges, some responses exhibit more courage than others. If the courage stands out, it is worth commenting on. (For an example, see Kate's posting next more recent in time.)
3. If you are a friend of someone with Parkinson's, ponder your place in the relationship. Are you:
Someone to ventilate to?
Someone with whom to forget aboout the Parkinson's for a while?
Someone who gives the care partner a break?
A person genuinely interested in getting educated about Parkinson's

Thanks for the question, Gayle!


Wow. This was a great post - and what a great response by Paul. I guess the only thing I could add is this - how about just saying something like "It's great to see you!" Let the person with the PD determine what role you are playing that day. That doesn't mean you shouldn't talk about Parkinson's until the PWP brings it up, it just means you should allow for a little breathing space.

I have always said PArkinson's Disease is a "thief"...it steals your identity. I often find that I have gone from being someone's "friend" to being someone's "friend with Parkinson's disease."

On the flip side of that, I don't want to be treated with kid gloves either. Don't worry about stepping on egg shells when you're around me. I can detect a fake smile from a thousand miles away, and there is nothing I hate worse. Just treat me like I am a human being, and the PD thing will take care of itself.

Paul Zeiger

Thanks, Joe.

That is a penetrating comment of yours about identity. One of my aims is to hang on as long and as strongly as possible to my various identities: husband, father, yoga teacher, consultant, wise old man, etc. both independently of and together with my identity as PWP.

Kate Kelsall

When I visited Kansas City this weekend, my sister Pat asked me the best question:

Do you feel as well as you look?

Thanks, Pat.

Kate Kelsall

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