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Paul Zeiger

I just read Joel's excellent blog entry, and I noted that he repeated
the common injunction against multitasking, presumably because the
Parkinsonian brain cannot be expected to maintain the state of a
suspended task. But it is pretty hard, in 2007, to get by without
multitasking, and I would like to propose another kind, one in which
the state of a suspended task is stored EXTERNALLY. You do this kind of
multitasking when you vacuum half the living room and leave the vacuum
cleaner at the spot where you left off, or when you edit part of a
document on the computer, and leave it up on the screen with the cursor
where you left off. Of course the suspended task has to have a visible,
obvious state, permit being left for an unpredictable amount of time,
and must not represent a booby trap for your housemates. I learned this
way of working years ago, way before Parkinson's, from Peg Bracken's "I
Hate to Housekeep" book. Now I frequently cruise the house and office
looking for suspended tasks and pushing them forward; I find it an
enjoyable and productive way to work.

Paul Zeiger


I have to agree with Paul. In today's society it is quite difficult to survive without multitasking. I have learned to keep a small notebook with me. I fi am interrupted in the middle of something important, I write it down. Then I check it several times a day to make sure I haven't forgotten something important.

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