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Thanks! Very thoughtful & helpful :)


This is the most helpful list I've seen in my Googling. My girlfriend is concerned that she may be developing PD based on the early signs, and your list is helping her to have perspective so as to know how seriously to pursue this. Thanks!


I started out with a virus last summer and had consistent nausea for 8 months. Then I got my gallbladder removed in Decemeber and haven't gotten better. I had a UTI right afterwards and then the pain in my lower legs started. It is everyday not matter what and rest doesn't help. I had another UTI right after the first one and went in to have an endoscope of my stomach. I was diagnosed with Gastritis. But the pain in my legs isn't getting any better. My blood work showed I had an untreated Strep infection and the doctor said he didn't rule out Rheumatic Fever. This has been going for 3 months now (the legs). Recently, I got bronchitis and for the past few days nothing has felt right. This morning I got up and feel weak on my right side and have been shaking terribly. I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow to see if it's MS or PD. I'd really like to know if anyone has experienced the same symptoms! I'm a 27 year old who has always been active and it's starting to disrupt my life!

Kate Kelsall


Sorry you are suffering so and at such a young age. Hope your doctors are able to sort it out soon.



Recently I was diagnosed with PD. I am absolutely at a loss as what to do next. The information from the Dr. is too slow coming for my comfort. I also have a lot of other issues going (aka life!!). I don't see doom and gloom but am having trouble finding the right next step. Any advice wood be helpful.

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