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Kate, Thank you for the interesting post about end stages of PD. It was both extremely informative but reminded me of how severe PD gets eventually. With Parkinson's Plus, it seems that it equals a fast version of Stage V. The relationship between the two is much greater than some realize.

I think you are providing a wonderful service to others, informative, uplifting and entertaining. Dan

Kate Kelsall

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your kind words about my blog. You too are making a valuable contribution.

I compare Parkinson's to Coors Light and Parkinson's Plus to Guinness.


Bonnie Svarstad

Thanks for your blog! My family and I have been searching for more open and honest information re Parkinson's so we know what to expect as our mother enters the more difficult stages of PD.


I agree with Bonnie - thank for your blog. The information helps us understand where our dad is at and helps us nkow what to expect or what to look for. Thank you and take care.

Patient On-line

Kate, This was a very informative explanation of the end stages and severe aspects of PD as the disease progresses. We don't want to ever get there, but there is much to be gained by being informed. My thanks to you. -- Patient On-line


I read this and even though it brings upon me great sadness as today will probably be the last day i go see my Grandfather who was diagnosed with PD right before i was born he has lived 21 yrs cause that's how old I am under the great care of my Aunt's and uncles and father,I find it to hard to see him cause as i was growing up i still remember when he used to go outside with me and cant bear myself to see him this way anymore. What brought me here today was to clarify what stage he is in as no one really wants to talk about it as it is a very hard subject to speak on. My grandfather no longer walks and is Bed ridden has a feeding tube, no longer opens his eyes and speaks nothing at all and is under constant care by my aunt. Today though as i kissed him and was leaving and told him i loved him he had enough strength about him and told me he loved me to. Which is even harder cause i know he understands what is going on. I would only like to thank you for posting this as it has informed me and helped me to start to come to terms that my grandfather is near the end and will no longer be here in person only in spirit. I appreciate this and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Adrienne Smith

You are a very sweet and caring young lady, Alma. You will be glad you handled this as you have in your later years. I know that your grandfather is grateful to have a granddaughter like you. I wish you comfort and solace as you walk through these last days with him.

Meichi lee

Thank you so much for your blog. my mother has the last stage of the disease. She is failing and it is so sad. doctor yesterday recommended hospice..


amazing thank you so much for the information.I am a occupational health nurse and could not find any of this information until I searched dying of parkinsons. My dad who has been the most gentle of men is now prone to very angry outbursts towards my mum he is 86 Christmas eve and she is 81 and suffering from myloma but a very strong lady. I am so upset at my dad being very aggressive refusing to take his medication and just terrible towards my mum.He is starting to forget names and his talking is very slow but when in his fit of rage he can get himself out of his chair and walk unaided but my god it is awful to see him like this but at least now I know what to expect and that there is no help for him. I love him so much and I hate what he is doing to my mum sorry for going on so much but thank you very much for the information x


one last thing dad has had real problems with excessive saliva and was referred for Botox injections into his saliva glands and what a remarkable transformation he no longer drools excessively so I can highly recommend them as his G.P said they were no good They Work so dont be put off get it done he now can go out with us for a meal ect and he is no longer embarrassed

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