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Bob Dawson

No picnic, that's for sure. I also think the cure will come too late for you and me; and I have bad thoughts about how long I will put up with the late stages - like, pull the plug, please. But I would sure like to see the cure appearing somewhere on the horizon, at least for our children's generation. I also believe that the cure could come within 5 or 10 years if the support was there, but the resources are not being deployed. Yet. It is not a popular disease; it does not attract much attention; it is not a cool disease. But as the Baby Boomers (I'm one) start wrecking retirement liked they wrecked everything else since kindergarten, the number of Parkies in the USA is expected to jump from about 1 1/2 million to 8 million, and it will get noticed. China expects 30 million Parkinson's patients. Europe is predicting 10 million. And the way to cut health care costs is to cure the major diseases ! And I think PD will be relatively cheap and easy to cure, so it will partly come down to money. Cost of research and treatment -vs- cost of spoon-feeding millions of old kooks listening to their music from the 1960's (such as me). Curing PD will become a line item in a future budget deficit reduction proposal, on the list down below the section where they increase the price of postage stamps

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