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The book you quoted is excellent. It is worth buying and keeping. I am still disappointed that it is so geared toward those so much older, but I realize that the territory demands it. I simply ignore what doesn't apply to me and absorb what does. I like how many patient anecdotes the author inserts into the chapters.

"It's as if the program to the brain that previously allowed us to do many complex tasks without thinking about them, has gone on strike."

It's amazing, isn't it? That we must THINK about how we walk, how we swing our arms, how we write and how our faces look. And that's not a symptom that can really be treated. My biggest peeve now is that my arm curls up when I am focused on going somewhere and I'm not thinking about my walking. I have to shake my arms or hold something to hide the fact that my left arm is swinging away and my right arm is in ski-mode. It used to be almost amusing to me - fascinating, maybe. Now it's not.

But you're right - all we can really do is just "relax" and do what we can. We only have one life to live, right? :)

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